We accept payments by means of advanced bank transfer, C.O.D (Cash on delivery), PayPal, prepaid PostePay card.

In the case of an advanced bank transfer, you must send us, via fax or e-mail, a copy of the payment receipt (a screenshot of your home-banking is also fine). We will ship the goods during the working day as soon as we receive the confirmation of payment, before the picking up time of the carrier. In the case of an unreadable fax or our unchallengeable judgment, we reserve the right to wait for the actual payment to be visible in our bank account for the required amount. Our bank account details will be sent at the moment of order confirmation.

In case of C.O.D (Cash on delivery), only cash payment is available.

If you choose to pay via PayPal, we are obligated to withdraw the entire amount at the moment of order (due to PayPal limitations).

Other forms of payment for companies or Public Bodies can be agreed at our discretion.
For the goods picked up at our warehouse, payment is possible with cash.