Our policy is orientated to the maximum satisfaction of our customers; we commit to offer everyone a serious and fair policy to manage defected and non compliant goods.

In the event of a defective product sold by us, we kindly ask you to contact our customer service team by emailing info@desmomarket.com, we will try to give you all the technical information to resolve any problems.

If the product is defective within 10 days of receipt (“DOA”, dead on arrival), exclusively for the final consumers, Desmo Market shall cover all costs of transportation to and from the customer. In this case it is necessary to follow strict instructions for the return, as it is indispensable to use UPS forwarder.

For all other cases, shipment of the product to Desmo Market warehouse is handled at the customers expense, while the return of repaired or replaced products is the responsibility of Desmo Market.

We recommend you carefully follow all instructions for the packaging and shipment, which will be communicated to you via our Customer Service team. In the case of shipping errors (eg. Shipping charged to us, with no approved forwarder company, absence of RMA number outside the packaging etc.) We will be forced to send the goods back to the sender.